Monday, September 1, 2008

welcome to the machine

or, should i call it meditations at the drill press? either way i am a makin' fool right about now. which is why i have neglected the ole bloggy blog for the past month.
so, the show was a success for me! after all my frettin' and a-worrying everything turned out well. i got a lot of orders, for me, more than i was expecting, and now i am super busy at the studio and hoping i can fulfill all the promises i have made.
lots of things have had to shift as a result of this: i can no longer participate in the farmer's market as i have no time to make anything else than what was ordered; i had to get rid of the gallery space in my studio to make room for shelving and work space for my assistant. yep, that's right. assistant. there is no way i can make all this without some help. (she leaves this week for 2 weeks on vaca! i'm freaking out!!) and i had to expand a little into sylvia's space for my shipping. i am sadly close to outgrowing my beautiful studio space, but hesitate to change right now or even in the near future, as who knows how long this little rush of busy-ness will go on for. and, the biggest change is that i have no time to design new things right now...adapting to all of this has been epic, and i hope that one day i'll get it figured out so that i can not only be a machine, but so i can have some free time in the studio to play again. i miss it!
sorry no picture today...don't have anything new to show...wait...maybe i can find something about my cute dog curled up sleeping?

not at all ceramic related...well, she is the best studio dog ever, so i guess it kind of is.