Monday, January 5, 2009

truth in writing.

allright. i have been busy. if anyone is still out there, well, sorry for the neglect. blogging is like the last thing on my mind, to be honest. i'm not really that public of a person, and its hard for me to write things journal style for everyone to read, and so the blog falls to the very end of the list of things to do when there is a list of things to do, which is pretty much always. so, i'll try to be better about it in the new year, but its probably better for everyone if you keep your expectations low.
so, while i've been gone i was filling orders...from the day i got back from the show right up until the day before thanksgiving. also trying to have some fun in there somewhere, but it was difficult. i had a few bumps along the way in the making process, as is to be expected with clay, and as a result i was late with a few orders, but all in all it was a success. i learned so much, and am now much better prepared to go into this next show with a little more sense in my pocket.
also, in the process i outgrew my studio, and am currently in the process of moving to a beautiful new spot that overlooks a waterfall and river, and its practically right across the street from my house. it is above a great restaurant that has received much critical acclaim called the hen of the wood. delicious food and beautiful atmosphere and cool folks. it always smells delicious in there. i hope i don't get fat.
i have a few new designs in the works and will post pics as soon as i get them. or not. i'm a little territorial about what i post on here. but i'll definitely post shots of the studio, which will be open to the public so if you really want to see my work you can come visit! no, i sound like a jerk. but i am paranoid about copycats, and you can come visit if you like.
ok. here's a pic of me at the museum of arts and design in new york city. they are one of my wholesale accounts. truly a dream realized. i have coveted that shop for some time now. that is my white tall grass luminary in the background. it was right in the window!! usually it comes in a group of three, but they are selling them individually and must have sold out of the others. yeah!!


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

I don't feel neglected because I found you only a few days ago! Remember me? Shirley's mom from Burton (sadly, Shirls is gone now). I love your stuff!

Hope all is well -


barb jensen said...

You have beautiful work! I just hopped on over to your website to have a peek.I think you may as well post photos here if you want; people can copy you from your etsy shop and website anyway. And they will never be as good as your originals either!
Congratulations on the museum store.