Monday, July 14, 2008

market of artists

howdy y'all. here is a picture of my little booth at the farmer's market. most every saturday until the end of october i will be at the artist market which is part of the farmer's market in burlington in city hall park.
i took the photo with my phone, but you get the idea, no? i look at this picture i think i really have some work to do on my booth. i did end up getting an old wooden plant shelf with wheels at a tag sale a while back with intentions to use it for the market. however, it is a bit shaky structurally and i have yet to bring it for some reason...i guess i leave it because of its rickety-ness, and mostly because it takes up a good chunk of the truck. as i look at this picture i think i should probably bring it next time.
i will say though that the market has yet to be financially viable. while i do make the money back that it costs me to participate, it doesn't really pay me for my time yet. i had a couple of good days in the beginning, but the past few weeks have come up quite short. i continue to go because it is good exposure, and keeps me in touch with my friends and contacts in burlington, and i think that the more people who see my work the better. but, i have to say it is a bit discouraging to only come away with a few bucks for all my time and effort. i hold out hope that it will turn around someday soon!
that's it for now...

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