Tuesday, July 29, 2008

manifesting my destiny

so, tomorrow morning i am off to the buyer's market of american craft in philly. i have prepared as much as possible, save for mental prep, and i think i am ready.
actually, as i just wrote that, i wondered "am i really ready?" i have all the stuff i need for the actual show: booth, samples, catalog etc, but i have never experienced a wholesale show before, and so i can't really say i am fully prepared. even if i could, i know the first person to come into my booth would throw me a question that i would have to make the answer up to, thereby squishing my idea of being ready, so suffice it to say i am ready for anything to happen.
also, i let some negative thoughts creep in yesterday, and it is amazing how they can really nag at you, and change your whole outlook. i was thinking that what if, after all the effort, time, money, stress, and general upheaval of my whole way of thinking about making, what if no one orders anything? really. what if? i found myself thinking of back up plans and regular jobs and really was quite sad. it is a possibility i guess, and if it happens then it happens, and i will cross that bridge when i come to it. i am not going to dwell on this thought, but it is out there. i will just have to imagine my success. plan for my success. manifest my destiny. which is to be making a living doing what i love and sharing the work i make with others.
allrighty, then. let's do it! wish me luck. i'll report back next week.

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